The Survivors were a religious foundation founded by Joel Regan, who claimed to have foreseen the end of the world. The Survivors’ Manual sets out the cult's ideology. With each subsequent edition, the exact date and reason of the apocalypse becomes more and more vague. They had three Arks: one in the Australian Outback, and two more under construction, in Europe and Japan- although the one in Japan was planned, but was not being built physically.

They appear during the book Divine Madness.These Survivors are a big organisation who were funding Help Earth. In the late stages of the book, Joel Regan gets killed by his wife Susie Regan, after which his oldest daughter Eleanor Regan, also called The Spider, takes control of the ark in Australia to defend it against devils. At the end of the book, the Ark in Australia gets blown up and many people die, containing Georgie and The Spider. Rathbone Regan is considered dead too, although he managed to escape.

After this Elliot sets up the New Survivor Foundation with Ween and took control of the survivor cult. They waited for God to choose a new messenger, although Ernie told them that he escaped with Rat and that this one will return if he is old enough.