What shirt a agent is wearing denotes their rank. During missions with large agents the highest ranking agent by shirt is in charge, if two are involved then either the Cherubs decide or the controller decides. An example of this is when the Black shirted Lauren leads a team of lower ranked Cherubs against the control tower in a test. CHERUB shirts are not allowed to be worn in public.

Orange Shirt

The orange shirt is for vistors to Cherub. They are the children who are taking the entrance tests and may not know exactly what cherub is. All agents are not allowed to speak to them without the permission of the chairman.

Red Shirt

The red shirt is for agents who live on campus but have not yet passed basic training; This may be due to age or joining Cherub late or simply because they have failed basic training.

Blue Shirt

The blue shirt is for agents who are under going Cherub's tough 100 days of basic training.

Grey Shirt

The grey shirt is for agents who are qualified to do missions.

Navy Shirt

The navy shirt is for agents who do outstanding perfomance in one mission. Most agents get it at the age of 13 and 14.

Black Shirt

The black shirt is for agents who do outstanding performances in more than one mission. The average age to get it is 15 and 16. Half of agents get one.

White Shirt

The white shirt is for retired agents. It is also worn by some staff members.