Samantha Jennings is a 11 or 12 year old girl, she has one brother named Greg Jennings.


The Recruit

Teachers thought Samantha was fantastic "Always volunteering for stuff, neat uniform, glossed nails and all the right equipment for class" When the teachers weren't looking, Samantha was a cow and constantly made fun of James Choke because of his mother's weight.

Some of her jokes included;

James' mum is so fat, they have to grease the bath tub or she gets stuck in it.
I went for a five mile run yesterday, two laps around James' mum.

Eventually James got tired of her behaviour and pushed her up against a wall, not knowing there was a nail there. He accidentally scraped her face on the nail causing her cheek to be cut open. She received 8 stitches. This caused Greg Jennings to later attack James Choke. This had been changed by editors. What originally happened was that James smashed a bottle over her head. This was changed as the readers would not be sympathetic of James while reading..

She was mentioned again by Lauren in The Killing when she is talking about fights James had been involved in when he was younger, As he had previously beaten up Andy Lagan for no reason, Because he was in a mood after he didn't get to go up to the Lake with Kerry like he'd planned, As she was watching an episode of Neighbours and an episode of Eastenders she'd previously recorded.