Ryan Sharma is the main character of the series two of CHERUB.

He is smart, has a bad temper and has a crush on Grace, who chucked a bowl of macaroni and cheese at his face. His first mission is to befriend Ethan, a geek who likes chess and building robots.

His two best friends are Max Black and Alfie DuBoisson. They are always joking and nagging him. He is good friends with Fu Ning, a Chinese boxer who had run ins with the Aramov clan before joining CHERUB.

Ryan has three younger brothers, the twins Leon and Daniel Sharma are three years younger than him and his youngest brother is called Theo and is five years younger than Ryan.

People's Republic:

Ryan goes on a mission about Aramov Clan. He saved his new best friend, Ethan twice and Ethan is convinced that he is his guardian angel. Ryan gets kicked off a mission for pushing Dr. D helping with his mission after losing his temper. He goes on a recruitment mission to recruit Fu Ning a girl boxer from a strict chinese school who doesn't obey rules and goes on the run after her dad is arrested for being the boss of a chinese human trafficking gang.


Max Black

Max and Ryan are best mates and usually hang around in a trio with their other friend Alfie. Max is very mischiveous and tends to drag his friends into trouble.

Alfie DuBoisson

Alfie is also one of Ryan's best mates and hangs around with Max. Ryan gets into less arguments with Alfie than Max and gets teased by Max and Ryan for naming his plant Doris the Yucca.


Grace is currently Ryan's girlfriend but they have an on and off relationship and they tend to have a lot of fights but still hang out usually with Ryan's and Grace's friends when they've broken up.