Ron onions was married to Gwen Choke for some time and is also the father of Lauren Adams, James' sister. Near the time that Gwen died (because of a mix of alchol and medication), Ron had got her severly drunk. We are not told for sure but it is likely that this is what caused Gwen to die. During the time after Gwen died, Lauren (Ron's daughter) lived with him for a while. But Lauren is soon sent to a childrens home (then CHERUB) after Ron gave her a black eyes (and multiple other bruises).

He is currently in prison for child abuse and smuggling. He is released in Shadow Wave.

He is said to have killed Gwen Choke (by getting her drunk deliberately, which interfered with her medication she was on).

it is mentioned in the epilogue of "Shadow Wave" that he died of throat cancer 4 months after being released from his shortened sentence. Link title