Class A
Nicole Eddison appeared in the first two books, The Recruit and Class A.


Early Life:

Nikki Vandome was born in 1992, in Tottenham in London. She was a naturally gifted child, but was easily influenced. Her parents and two brothers died in a car crash, which was due to an old man not seeing the lights. This causes her hatred for old people.

The Recruit

Nicole, when first doing basic training, was described by Ms. Smoke as overweight, she decided to quit basic training after (after only one day) after being told off, by one of the instructors.

Nicole showed no serious signs of being a cherub, in the first book, and before trying the 100-day training course, again, was given a tip by Norman Large: "Get rid of that chunky butt, or you'll never make it".

Class A:

In the book Nicole has passed basic training and is chosen to go on her first mission only after James persuades Kyle to let her come. She flirts with James they snog briefly, but she is also dating Junior Moore, who is snorting cocaine. They both, on Nicole's birthday, snort coke after the youth club closes for the night. Her body naturally refuses it, and she is rushed to hospital, but whilst she is in hospital the others are investigated. Both James and Kerry were clean, but K|yle also had traces of cannabis so was given ditch digging duty when he got back to campus.

When Nicole was found to have traces of cocaine in her body, she was expelled from CHERUB and sent to go and live with a foster family not too far away.

Later life:

It deeply saddens me that Nicole's experience as a CHERUB agent was not a good one. I'm pleased to say that she has settled into her new life and is doing well both at home and at school - Dr Terence McAfferty, Chairman.


Nicole Eddison's original name was: Nikki Vandome, but as all cherubs do, had her names changed.


Nicole was granted a black belt before leaving cherub in 2003, and was one of the cleverest peple at CHERUB.

Unfortunately due to her leaving so early on, was not given any other awards.