"Meatball is mental, but you can't help loving him"- Zara Asker , owner.

Meatball is Zara Asker's son's dog. He was rescued as a puppy by Lauren Adams. He was born in 2006 at an Animal Breeders. He is a white and light brown Beagle with one eye lower than the other who was rescued from an Animal testing Facility as one of 6 pups whom were cleanly distributed to other animal rights activists. He was the first dog rescued and helped.

Lauren Adams named him Meatball, a pun intended because she had recently become a vegetarian, and once handed over to Zara Asker, she insisted that Meatball only comsumed a special brand of Veggie-dog food.

Man VS Beast

Meatball's debut is in this book. He first appears when Lauren offers to help out clean newly rescued puppys for the Zebra Alliance. Meatball is the first dog to be cleaned but when all the other dogs are taken to good homes, Meatball is accidentally left behind. Lauren finds Meatball whimpering in a corner and attempts to capture him. Meatball runs away with Lauren desperately trying to recapture him. He runs in front of Zara's vehicle, almost getting him and Lauren run over. Despite this, he keeps running onto the main road, when Lauren calls Ryan Quinn to help. Ryan runs onto the road, bravely rescuing Meatball. Shortly after, Lauren decides to keep him and names him 'Meatball'. After that, Meatball repeatedly shows in the rest of the book in the home scenes

Mad Dogs

Meatball has a Cameo in this book when Norman Large threatens Meatball's life when Lauren won't help him with his Court Case of drinking. But Lauren, Kyle, James and everybody else comes up with a plan to get Large back and kicked out of CHERUB, saving Meatball.

Shadow Wave

In Shadow Wave, Lauren announces to James that Meatball has had puppies with the Askers' neighbor's dog. In the Epilogue it is mentioned that he is banned from the Askers' next door neighbors' garden.