Lauren Zoe Adams (Formerly Lauren Zoe Onions) was born to Gwen Choke and Ron Onions. She has an older half-brother James Adams who is also in CHERUB.

Lauren joined CHERUB after James due to being put into care after Ron Onions hit her on the face.

She was suspended and punished for hitting training instructor Large with a shovel twice because she was angry with him being unkind and harsh to her best friend Bethany Parker. Large also punished her by making her swim across a freezing river in 'Maximum Security' to retrieve the grey shirts for herself and the other agents with her in basic training. She became a vegetarian after her mission in 'Man Vs Beast', when Ryan Quinn tells her about animal cruelty, where she saved a dog called Meatball from a breeding centre and gave it to Zara and Ewart Asker (Since CHERUBS aren't allowed pets on campus unless they are a red shirt and Lauren didn't want any of the red shirts looking after Meatball since she thinks they are too immature to look after it properly) on the condition they only feed it meat-free food.

Her boyfriend is Rathbone Regan (since between Man Vs Beast and The Fall and then onwards). Lauren saves Rathbone in 'Divine Madness' where she and James save and be saved by Rathbone, who is stuck in his fathers giant religious cult. Rathbone also discovers that Laurens favourite chocolate is a mint flavoured Twix.

After she leaves CHERUB she starts to take part in car races.

Lauren wanted to be a pop star and successful businesswoman when she was younger.

She is also said to be able to 'Wriggle for England'

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