Kyle Blueman
Birth name UNKNOWN
Aliases {{{aliases}}}
Nicknames Kyle Beckett (Class A)

Kyle Wilson (man vs beast)

Born 1989
Status Alive, retired
Family Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance wears very neat cloths and has dark hair
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Shirt White
CHERUB career Ten years
Seven as a qualified agent
First Appearance The Recruit
Last Appearance Shadow Wave

 Kyle Blueman was generally kind and considerate and decent to his fellow cherubs, though he had a reputation of being a con man, being disruptive in class and playing a number of practical jokes on his fellow agents.

Kyle Blueman is James' friend at cherub. He was born in 1989 and is an Ex-Cherub agent now. He met James at Nebraska house in 'The Recruit', a children's home, after the death of Gwen Choke (James and Lauren's mum). He is known to like rock music.. His first known boyfriend was Tom Carteran environmental activist, in the book Man vs Beast. Kyle is small for his age, with dark brown hair. His full name is Kyle Thomas Blueman, but he has also been known as Kyle Beckett and Kyle Wilson. He is British. Kyle is good at giving advice, and very popular, but is known as disruptive and silly, with a history of playing practical jokes and conning people. He is once said to be a conning merchant and is a neat freak. Nobody knows his date of birth and no success has been found in tracing his mother. He was abandoned after birth, and spent his first seven years in foster care. He is skilled in Judo, Karate, and Thai kick-boxing. He is stronger than James, but his skills in combat are not described in full detail, such as those of, say, Kerry and Bruce. He has more common sense than many of his mates. He likes skateboarding, but does not like team games, as he is very small. His size, however, is an advantage in cherub missions. 


Early Life


2004 In the second book, Class A, Kyle joins James, Kerry and Nicole, on a mission to infiltrate and take down the cocaine smuggling gang, KMG. Half way through the book Kyle comes out to James.




2009 Shadow wave

had sex with bruce norris



Kyle is the big GAY. He had his first boyfriend, Tom Carter, in the book Man vs. Beast. It was also said that they made out on James' bed. James was furious by this and it almost resulted in the end of their friendship after Kyle accusing James of being a homophobe. Lauren Adams also yelled at James because of it.

Black T Shirt

Kyle is revealed to have gained his black shirt in Man vs. Beast  


Kyle bought James a chocolate bar for his birthday.

He likes Slipknot and Korn  

He likes Brad Pitt.

He watches legal shows. 

He likes Graphic Novels.  


Mess, people who wear their clothes without ironing them, Sugar Puffs