John Jones
Name John Jones
AKA John
Birth name John Jones
Born 1957, Bexley London, UK
Status Alive
Family Unnamed ex-wife.

One unnamed daughter.

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Appearance & Height 180cm, Thinning black hair, medium build
Career status Senior Mission controller
CHERUB agent career 2004 - today
First Appearance Class A Onwards
Last appearance New Guard
Quotes "John is a nice guy, just don't go on a shopping trip with him," - Lauren Adams about John Jones.

Senior Mission Controler at CHERUB


John Jones used to work for MI5 before becomming a mission Controller at CHERUB. Before this he was a police officer in the metropolitan area. He divorced his ex-wife in 2001 and has a daughter with her. He later on becomes the sole senior mission controller and James Adams boss.

Class A

John Jones was an M15 operative working on Operation Snort when he was called to help work with the CHERUBS, whos job was also to take down KMG. He is amazed that the CHERUBS are children and even more stunned at much information they have gained. He then later joins CHERUB as a mission controller after the mission.