Help Earth are an enviromental orgnisation and are the main antagonists of some of the CHERUB books. Their slogan is: "Help Earth, The Desperate cry of our dying plant."

First Appearence - The Recruit

In The Recruit, Help Earth are responsible for supplying Fire and World with the antharax used to try and kill around 200 Oil Company execuatives. Not much is known about the organisation, and CHERUB towards the end of the book CHERUB Chairman Terrence McAfferty says he wants to investigate.

Second Appearence - Divine Madness

In Divine Madness they are found to be funded by the religeous group, The Survivors, James Adams, Lauren Adams and Dana Smith are placed undercover to try and infiltrate The Survivors, and Dana Smith found herself in the heart of Help Earths plot. Help Earth are trying to blow up a set of Tankers carrying Natural Gas and the port where it is delivered. This plot us foiled by Dana Smith by taking over the boat that Help Earth we're using. After the destruction of this lot and the loss of The Survivors financial support, it is believed that they disbanded. try to blow up tankers carrying natural gas with the help.

Before this they were briefly featured in The Killing where 2 Cherub agents infiltrate a school as the Headmaster has links to Help Earth.