Gwen Choke is the deceased mother of James Adams (previously James Choke) and Lauren Adams (previously Lauren Onions).


Gwen was a thief and when she became pregnant, became a criminal mastermind by hiring other people to steal items for her. In her later years she took James and Lauren to the mall so they could tell her what they wanted her to steal for their Christmas. When she was about 24 she gave birth to James, with James Duncan, who was 17. About two years later she got together with a man called Ron Onions, and had a daughter, Lauren. James insisted to his mother that Ron was an idiot and she kicked him out, only after she'd married him and given birth to his daughter, Lauren.


The Recruit

Ron came round on the day Gwen died, with booze and both drunk. James tried to tell her about his fight with Samantha Jennings. The pain killers Gwen was taking after an operation she had, had reacted with the alcohol she drunk, which caused her heart to stop beating and it killed her. James thinks that Ron brought the alcohol around so that he could deliberately kill her.