Gabrielle O'Brien
Birth name Gabrielle Ruthven
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Born 1991, Jamaica
Status Alive, retired
Ethnicity Jamaican
Appearance Tall, skinny, dark skin, hair and eyes
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Shirt White
CHERUB career Seven years
Seven as a qualified agent
First Appearance The Recruit
Last Appearance Shadow Wave

Gabrielle O'Brien (Born Gabrielle Ruthven) was a CHERUB agent.


PHYSICAL: Tall, lean and skinny, Gabrielle has great stamina and is stronger than most boys her age, Jamaican.

COMBAT: Gabrielle handles herself marvellously in a fight, able to hold out against several opponents simultaneously .

ACADEMIC: Although she is undeniably bright, Gabrielle does not really enjoy school work.

LIKES: Hanging around with Kerry Chang, cross country runs.

DISLIKES: Guns, peanuts, being racially abused.


Early History

Her mother and father were officers with the Jamaican police force. They both died in a car accident in 2002.

The Recruit

Class A

Gabrielle is in the beginning of the book and the Cherub agents are on a holiday. They train by her and Kerry getting in a paintball fight with James and Bruce. Gabrielle and Kerry win and they return to the base. There is a scuffle between Bruce and Kerry and Kerry injures her already damaged knee. They all get sent back to Cherub two weeks before the holiday is over even though James and Gabrielle didn't do anything.

Maximum Security

The Killing

Divine Madness

Man vs Beast

The Fall

Mad Dogs

Gabrielle gets stabbed in the back by a runt in a street brawl.

The Sleepwalker

===The General=== Breaks up with long term boyfriend Michael Hendry (born Jordan LinMILK