Fort Reagen appears in The General. It is where the main part of book takes place. It is a US Army Training Area. at Fort Reagen the weapons are restricted Paint guns and grenades.

CHERUB Training Excercise

The training excercise involved 40 British Commandos and 10 CHERUB agents posing as insurgents. Against 1000 American Soldiers.

The Leader of the insurgents was Yosyp Kazakov. The Insurgents destroy the ariel 'drones' as their first offensive attack. During the raid on the ariel-dome James and the 'sarge' and add a powerful laxative to the American Soldiers main water tank. Many of the normal citizens taking part in the excercise are briefly trained and the insurgents attack the remaining Amercain Soldiers (Around 1/10). They defeat the remaining American Soldiers, but the excercise is suspended as the leader of the Amercains,General Shirley, complains about Kazakov's un-orthodox methods. In the end, the training session is re-ran with Kazakov and James suspended.