Fire is the un-identical twin of world

The Recruit

In this book Fire is not seen much. In the CHERUB file that James reads it says that both he and his brother World are constantly in and out of jail. James also reads that Fire and World have been dealing with the terrorist group Help Earth,but it is unknown what they are dealing so James and Amy are sent to investigate at Fort Harmony. While James is hanging out with Sebastion and Clark(Fire's younger brothers) they tell James that Fire and World have a secret workshop. It is later found out that Fire and World were working with Help Earth to sneak anthrax,a substance that can kill people within 9 days if inhaled,into a oil company to kill all of the bosses of the oil company. They are later caught and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 25 years in the prison

Physical Description

Fire is described as having hard spiked up hair and eye brow piercings.