Fahim is a major character in The Sleepwalker. He is a distressed 11 year old boy with a history of emotional problems, making it hard to believe when he rings the emergency hotline stating his dad was responsible for the plane crash. Lauren Adams & Jake Parker are the agents sent to make friends with him and investigate. After the events resulting Fahim's dad and the plane crash, Fahim is offered to Join Cherub but cannot be passed as he sleeptalks about all the stuff he's done.

Fahim threw a massive tantrum in Warrender Prep School after being expelled, vandalising school property and biting a teacher. He is dropped on the floor in the process and receives a concussion. After Fahim returnes from the hospital, he overhears his father taking about sending him to an islamic school in the Arab Emirates. After his father becomes enraged over his wife disagreeing and threatening to go to the police about the plane crash, he assaults his wife and eventually kills her, also injuring Fahim in the process.

After Hassam discoveres bugs in his house planted by the CHERUB agents, he and Fahim flee to a safe house before leaving for the Emirates. In the house, Fahim is whipped by Hassam and throws antiseptic in his father's eyes to escape. He is then chased by his father across a golf course and taken hostage by his father with a knife to his throat when the police arrive to arrest Hassam. After being freed by Jake Parker, Fahim runs off while Hassam pretends to go for a gun in his jacket, he is then shot dead by police and Fahim is taken into CHERUB to take the tests.


Fahim is a fat, asian boy. He generally has dark hair. He has a tendency to loose control of himself and start crying or throwing tantrums.