David Moss
Birth name David Rogers
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Nicknames David Rose - Maximum Security

David Holmes - The Killing

Born 1988, Eastry, Kent
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance Good looking, muscular, long blonde hair
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Shirt Finished as a black shirt. Returned in The Sleepwalker as a white shirt.
CHERUB career Ten years. Seven as a qualified agent
First Appearance Maximum Security
Last Appearance The Sleepwalker

Dave Moss (born David Rogers) was a CHERUB agent with an excellent mission record. He was regarded as 'cool' , and popular, and also had a legendary reputation on campus for being a ladies man. He had had a string of beautiful girlfriends, all of whom he treated like dirt, and even got one pregnant.

Profile PHYSICAL: Strong, fast and an excellent 400 metre runner who might have excelled at the sport if he'd taken a serious interest in it.

COMBAT: Dave is a competent fighter who has won several campus Karate tournaments.

ACADEMIC: Bright and clever, though he often prioritized 'being cool' over school work.

LIKES: Black and white movies, anything in a short skirt.

DISLIKES: Long term relationships, banjo music


Early History

Dave was born in Eastry, Kent, 1988.

Maximum Securirity

Dave was sent inside the Arizona Max prison, along with fellow agent James Adams, with the intention of breaking out the son of the infamous arms dealer, Jane Oxford. The plan changed when Dave was seriously injured in a prison brawl. He was shot with a plastic bullet by a 'hack', which fractured three of his ribs. One of them broke badly, and a bone fragment snapped off and punctured the surrounding tissue, causing internal bleeding. If he was x-rayed and treated immediately, he would have been okay, but because he was put in the 'hole', a solitary confinement cell where the inmate is treated like an animal, and the cell is hosed out once a day, a blood clot formed in his chest. He had breathing difficulties, and was hospitalised for two weeks before being put on medication to break up the clot. It was a few months before he was back to full fitness. James continued the mission, with his younger sister Lauren Adams, but it had to be revised as Dave had a major role.

The Killing

Dave is on the mission with James, pretending to be James older brother. He and James live together and tries to uncover how Leon Tarasov, Michael Patel and Eric Crisp earned so much money. His mission purpose is to get of with Sonya Tarsov. He, along with James, are the two main agents in the mission. He also saved the mission by fixing the satellite dish that was picking up all the sound inside Leon Tarasovs office, since it was knocked of its padestal by a drunk who had thrown an empty bottle of vodka up there, promptly hitting the dish.

The Sleepwalker

Is on a training exercise with james and lauren


Even though Dave had tons of girlfriends, he 'didn't give a monkeys' about James's ' Train wreck of a relationship' when James had girlfriend problems, and decided laughing and stuffing his face with a sandwich was a better way to go about it.