Dana Smith
Birth name Danielle McQueen
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Nicknames Cheesey (by other agents)
Dana Prince (Divine Madness)
Born 1991, Queensland Australia
Status Alive, retired
Family Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian
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Shirt White
CHERUB career Ten years
Seven as a qualified agent
First Appearance The Killing
Last Appearance Shadow Wave

Dana Smith (born Danielle McQueen) is a former CHERUB agent, and was James' girlfriend for eleven months. (11 more than most expected) She also dumped James and had sex with Michael Hendry.


PHYSICAL: Extremely strong and very fit. She's described as being curvy. James has described her having "boobs as large as basketballs.’

COMBAT: Excellent combat skills. She has won many fighting tournaments.

ACADEMIC: Dana works hard and seems genuinely interested in her studies, but is often reluctant to take part in class discussions.

LIKES: Lord of the Rings, James Adams (before), Michael Hendry

DISLIKES: Sports, agents who outrank her, being called 'Cheesy'


Early life

Dana's mother was an environmental activist who was run over and killed during a peaceful demonstration in France. Dana was recruited in CHERUB in 1998. She appears in The Killing, Divine Madness, The Fall, Mad Dogs, The General and Shadow Wave.