Charles Henderson
Name Charles Henderson
AKA Henderson
Birth name Charles
Born 1907

London, UK

Family Married Joan Harper-Watt in 1929.

Had a daughter named Hayley (born in 1936) that died 18 months old.

Ethnicity Caucasian
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First Appearance The Escape (Henderson Boys)
Last appearance The Scorched Earth (Henderson Boys)
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Charles Henderson was a British agent during the Second World War, having been recruited from the Navy. He was the last operational agent in France after the death of Digby Clarke, another intelligence agent in France.


Henderson founded the Espionage Research Unit B, later know as Charles Henderson's Espionage Research Unit B (CHERUB), which trained orphans and used them for intelligence purposes in the World War II and later. Its entire staff, at the time of World War II was:
Commanding Officer 1: Captain Partridge, committed to hospital after suffering a stoke.
Commanding Officer 2: Superintendent Eileen McAfferty.


Henderson: Last British agent in France.


Charles Henderson founded CHERUB and Henderson's boys. He also made the name up, which stands for Charles Henderson Espionage Research Unit B. He joined the Navy and served on many ships. He then reached rank of Commander in his mid twenties. After returning safely from France with the kids, he commanded CHERUB, known to the Intelligence ministry as Espionage and Research Unit B (Henderson's boys). Air Vice Marshal Walker, head of the SOE, thought little of the unit, denying Henderson's request for parachute training. He instead offered him a two rank promotion to become Walker's assistant, with it a place at the Baker Street headquarters co-ordinating operations, which he refused.

To say Henderson had a stormy relationship with his wife is an understatement, as she stabbed him in the chest in 1941. For this, Joan was taken to a mental institution, and in revenge, Henderson ordered her spiders incinerated. Unbeknownst to him, one survived.

He was also the father of Terence McAfferty.(Mac) Joan was impregnated in 1940 and after she gave birth (and after the war) she shot Charles dead. Henderson did NOT sleep with Eileen McAfferty but when Mac was an active CHERUB agent he changed his surname from Henderson to McAfferty.( Probably because in his later years Eileen was a surrogate mother to him.)

Mac survived to become the head of his father's organisation.

Love life

Charles had a wife in England called Joan but cheated on her with women he met on missions including Maxine and when at home including Mac's mother.