CHERUB (Charles Henderson Espionage Research Unit B) was founded in 1946 by Charles Henderson.


  • 1940 Charles Henderson uses French refugees to destroy Germany's invasion Fleet
  • 1941 Henderson is granted permission to create the Espionage Research Unit B (Henderson's boys) a unit of young boys to be used fo undercover missions
  • 1946 Henderson's boys disband at the end of the war he then created CHERUB. Campus was a disused village school with twenty boys in total
  • 1951 For the first five years CHERUB struggled along with limited resources. It's fortunes changed when to agent discovered a ring of Russian spies who were stealing information on the British Nuclear weapons program. Campus expanded from 20 students to 60
  • 1954 Two CHERUB agents Jason Lennnox and Johan Urminski were killed in East Germany whilst operating undercover. No one knows how. Because of the boy's deaths new safeguards were put into place. (1) Every mission had to be approved by a 3 person committee (2) A minimum age of ten to go on missions (3) A vigorous 100 day training program was introduced
  • 1956 CHERUB admitted 5 girls to join. They were a huge success. The number then was increased to 20 the next year. Soon the number of boys and girls was equal.
  • 1957 The coloured T-shirts were introduced
  • 1967 Katherine field became the 3rd agent to be killed on an operation. She was bitten by a snake in India and was tragically given the wrong Anti-Venom
  • 1973 CHERUB began to build new nine storey headquarters
  • 1977 All CHERUBs had to be orphans or abandoned. Max Weaver then died and left all of his money to CHERUB's children.
  • 1982 Thomas Webb is killed by a landmine in the Falklands
  • 1986 CHERUB is given permission to expand to 400 pupils however numbers fall below this due to the entrance criteria.
  • 1990 Campus expands. It is marked as an army firing range and helicopters are banned from the area.
  • 1996 CHERUB celebrates it's 50th anniversary by the opening of the firing range and swimming pool. All retired CHERUB's were then invited back for that day.


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