Born Aled Thomas in 1992, in Prestatyn, Wales. He changed his name to Bruce Norris (Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris combined). James met Bruce when he had his martial arts test, and has since been on missions with him. Though he acts tough, he sleeps with a blue teddy bear (although he denies this whenever it is brought up by saying "it was on a shelf above my bed, and it fell"). He often talks of how much he enjoys brawls and James is often slightly concerned with how twisted Bruce can be toward violence. Kerry Chang (mentioned above)once broke Bruce's leg in seven places, and Bruce claims that it was broken in nine places. Bruce also fractured Kerry's kneecap in Class A. In Mad Dogs, he is seen to be going out with Kerry and this relationship is continued in The Sleepwalker and The General. However, the last line of The General mentions that Kerry and Bruce have had a row and had broken up. He later goes out with Bethany Parker and has sexual intercourse with her, but they break up, too. In Mad Dogs he goes with James in their mission to infiltrate the Mad Dogs football club and is given a black shirt by Zara for his outstanding performance. Retiring a year later than James from CHERUB service, he returns to the series in Black Friday along with James as a temporary CHERUB staff member, instructing agents in advanced driving maneuvers. He is seen once again in New Guard serving as temporary CHERUB staff member, and then assists James, Kerry, Lauren, Kyle and Ryan in an unauthorised black-ops rescue of two British hostages from Islamic State controlled Syria. Following the events of New Guard, Bruce continues a burgeoning relationship with agent Fu Ning when she retires from CHERUB. For starting a relationship with an active-duty agent and doing so as a CHERUB staff member, Bruce is permanently banned from any further employment by CHERUB and exiled from the organisation for three years, a sentence he describes as "totally worth it" in the epilogue.