Bethany Parker
Bethany Parker
Birth name Elissa Bethany Paloma
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Born 1994, Newcastle Under Lyme, UK
Status Alive, expelled
Family Jake Parker (brother)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance Medium build, dark hair, green eyes
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Shirt Navy
CHERUB career Seven years
Four as a qualified agent
First Appearance Class A
Last Appearance Shadow Wave

Bethany Parker (born Elissa Bethany Paloma ) was a CHERUB agent before being expelled.


PHYSICAL: Bethany maintains a good level of fitness, although she does suffer from occasional asthma attacks. She is described by Ronan Walsh as having "massive jugs"

COMBAT: Excellent combat skills including black belts in Karate and Judo.

ACADEMIC: A bright girl who can be a little bit lazy at times.

LIKES: Lauren Adams, bossing people around.

DISLIKES: James Adams, having to do what she's told.


Early Life

Bethany's parents died in a tragic helicopter accident during a sightseeing flight over the Grand Canyon in 2001. Her sole surviving Grandparent lives in a care home. Severe Alzheimers disease means that she can barely remember her own name. Bethany's younger brother Jake also lives on CHERUB campus.

Class A

Bethany gets bullied by Mr Large which eventually leads to Lauren Adams hitting him on the back of the head with a spade.

Maximum Security

The Killing

Bethany persuades Lauren Adams to dye her hair black. Previously Lauren didn't dye her hair because she didn't want to betray her late mother.

Divine Madness

Man vs Beast

The Fall

Bethany accompanies James, Lauren and some other of James' friends on a go-karting trip for James' 15th birthday

Mad Dogs

During this time, Bethany was sent on a long mission in South America, referenced by Zara Asker

The Sleepwalker

The General

Brigands MC

Shadow Wave

Bethany has sex with Bruce but gets expelled later for keeping in touch with a boy she met on a mission his name was Rafael, she met him in her time in South America.