Barry Cox was a large, tanned Australian, blond haired male member of the terrorist group Help Earth. He was born in 1974 in Queensland.

While giving Clyde Xu a small package of C4 in Hong Kong, he was followed by Bruce Norris, and incapacitated in his room, whilst having all his details cloned or stolen. When Cherub infiltrated the religious cult of The Survivors, to investigate leads between The Survivors and Help Earth, Barry Cox was working with members of the cult to create terrorist attacks on places such as ship ports in Indonesia. When Dana Smith, an undercover Cherub agent posing as a Survivor was sent to help him, she incapacitated him and the two others on his boat, stopping his planned terrorist attack on an Indonesian dock. He was tied up on his own boat before being subsequently arrested by police forces.


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Divine Madness


Divine Madness