Andy Lagan
Birth name Christopher Holmes
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Born 1994, Salford
Status Alive, active
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Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance Slight build, fair skin and brown hair.
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First Appearance The Killing
Last Appearance Shadow Wave

Andy Lagan (born Christopher Holmes) is a CHERUB agent, and is Rat's best friend.


PHYSICAL: Below average strength but a good distance runner.

COMBAT: Andy doesn't enjoy the more robust aspects of CHERUB training where he is frequently outmatched by his peers. However, he is learning fast and can handle himself against untrained opposition.

ACADEMIC: Extremely bright, although prone to bad temper.

LIKES: Playing guitar and piano, swimming.

DISLIKES: James Adams, rugby.


Early Life

Andy's mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances shortly after his birth. He was brought up by his Grandmother until she died in an arson attack 2004. Andy was accused of committing the arson until the culprits were gassed up. During his time of being accused, he once tried to kill himself.

The Killing

Sometime after being recruited into CHERUB, Andy was standing out in the sixth floor corridor when James was dumped by Kerry. He was surprised by James' opinion that all girls were loonies, and found it funny when Kerry threw his shoes at his head. James didn't appreciate this, and in spite of his apology, James hit him before realising what he was doing. Andy cried as James tried to apologise, and Mission Controller, Meryl Spencer saw what was going on.

As Andy was being looked after by two sixteen year olds, they intended to beat up James until Kyle convinced them that blanking him would be more effective. As part of his punishment, James had to write an apolgy letter to Andy.

The Fall

Mad Dogs

Dark Sun (Mission)

The Sleepwalker

The General

Dark Sun (Epilogue)

Brigands MC

Shadow Wave