Amy Collins
Birth name Jennifer Amy Pegg
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Nicknames Courtney Leigh (The Recruit)
Born 1987 Prestwich, Greater Manchester
Status Alive, retired
Family John Collins (brother)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance Blonde hair, green eyes, athletic build
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Shirt White
CHERUB career Twelve years
Seven as a qualified agent
First Appearance The Recruit
Last Appearance Guardian Angel and TBA Black Friday

Amy Collins (Born Jennifer Amy Pegg) was a CHERUB agent active between 1992-2004.



Amy is extremely attractive. She has blonde hair the length of her waist, very tanned skin, a slim body and is physically strong, Amy excels at all sports but specialized in swimming and diving. Note: Amy is colour black.


Incredibly skilled in Karate, Judo and Aikido. She is one of the best fighters on campus and this is from years of experience in the field. She can physically outmatch anyone and is shown to be exceedingly strong and flexible. Definitely not the sort of pretty girl you want to tangle with in a dark alley! 


Amy achieved six A-levels (Four in foreign languages), considered highly intelligent. She is now studying Marine Biology at the university of Cairns in Australia.


Swimming, sailing, diving, drinking, clubbing, James Adams


Walnuts, battenburg, bullies.


Amy is selfless, intelligent, brave and extremely level-headed. She is wise and analytical, shown in The Recruit and People's Republic. She is slightly unhinged as, when James starts making fun of her, she pins him down and tickles him into submission.


  • Amy was Born in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, England, UK.
  • Amy's mother died from throat cancer in 1988 and her father and her younger brother Joe died in a car accident in the same year.
  • She also has an elder brother named John Collins who was an active CHERUB agent up until 1999 when he retired after 23 successful missions. He now works as a diving instructor in Australia.
  • Amy briefly appeared at the end of Divine Madness after James, Lauren, Dana & Rat needed to move away from their mission home after destroying The Survivor's Ark in the Australian Outback.
  • She returned to CHERUB Campus in Shadow wave to attend Chloe Blake's wedding.
  • Every boy on the CHERUB Campus fancies her as said in Class A/The Dealer